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There is a reason this school has been rated the top martial arts school in the Country multiple years in a row. The staff is amazing and you will love the bond that your children create with both the staff and the fellow students. Grandmaster Lee brings an immense amount of passion to the school and that has filtered down to all of the instructors. They have something for everyone and REQUIRE NO CONTRACTS!!! You can start off in the Lil Dragons program at ages 3-5 and then work your way into the youth classes and they also have adult and family classes. Their after-school program is top notch and picks your child up from their school every day. They also have a fun sumer camp to help with your summer child care needs. Can you believe it? If you or your child is interested in competing in sport of Olympic Taekwondo Sparring you have come to the right place. Year after year, the World Taekwondo Academy family of schools has produced some of the top athletes in the country. They are given the opportunity to work with the top Taekwondo Coaches and athletes in the world and have access to training that most schools could only dream of. Grandmaster Lee himself has been a National Team Coach and he has also been an assistant Olympic Coach with a great friend of the program Juan Moreno who is a 3 time Olympian and Olympic coach. I could go on for ever on how the school has changed our lives and as you look around to other students in the program you will quickly see that these students are not just recognized as top Taekwondo athletes they are also very disciplined outside of Taekwondo and it is common place to see these same students as top academic scholars, leaders, and community stewards! Way to go WTA!!
– Nathan D. Olmscheid
WTA is an AMAZING program! Our daughter started taekwondo in 1st grade and I can not say enough about how WTA has impacted her growth and development physically, emotionally and socially! Grandmaster Lee is one of a kind! His programming and staff are the BEST of the BEST! We could not ask for anything more from a martial arts school!
– Rhonda Johnson
World Taekwondo Academy offers not only regular Taekwondo classes, but also other martial arts and cardio kickboxing. Grandmaster Lee and Mrs. Lee run quality programs suitable for young children (little dragons) through adults. Our girls have been taking taekwondo classes and training with Grandmaster Lee at Maple Grove World Taekwondo Academy since 2004. They have grown under Grandmaster Lee’s reinforcement to always strive to do their best and have become capable, confident leaders. Maintaining high standards has served them well not only in their training and competition; it has carried through in their approach toward school and life in general. WTA is a great place to learn life’s lessons while working out.
– Peg VanDrisse
COMMUNITY! We initially signed our son up for taekwondo to help with his shy personality and gain more confidence. Under the instruction of Grand Master Lee our son is now a Jr Leader at the dojang, on the PEAK team, and is giving back to his community. The opportunities for growth are endless. WTA is training not just fighters, but leaders in our community. We have participated in the following programs at WTA: Regular Class, After School Program, Jr Leaders, Competition Team and Summer Camp.
– Tiffany Dunlap
Simply the best school around, my son has been at the WTA in Maple Grove for more than 7 years and couldn't be more happier with everything and all that the school offers. Grandmaster Lee is one of the best instructors/coaches in the country and the after school care is top notch. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
– Phillip Chinn
The World Taekwondo Academy (WTA) helps young athletes set goals and work hard to achieve them! This encompasses the traditions of taekwondo, as well as the perseverance to carry skills learned into other areas of life. If your child is a big thinker, WTA is a place for them to grow into their possibilities!
– Amy Weber-DeRaad
Simply the best! Whether you are looking for taekwondo, Olympic sparring, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu for all ages, or great after school care and a fantastic summer camp for your children, they have it all. And with NO CONTRACTS! Grandmaster Lee, Mrs. Lee and the other instructors are all fantastic and have been incredible role models for our children for the past 5 years. World Taekwondo Academy is like our second home. Our children have gained incredible martial arts knowledge and skill, along with self-confidence and leadership skills along their path to obtaining their black belts. Thanks to WTA and the dedicated instructors, our children were able to experience great pride while recently obtaining their junior black belts. As school age children, they were able to experience the proud reward of their hard work, dedication and perseverance. There are not many other places to learn such valuable life lessons that will reap rewards long into their future!
– Tracy Olmscheid
World Taekwondo Academy (WTA) has been an important part of our family. My son started Taekwondo at the age of 4 as a Little Dragon. I placed him in Taekwondo to help him gain confidence. He seemed intimidated when in groups with other children. WTA staff helped him feel comfortable and confidence began beaming from him. Now my son is 10 years, with hard work, support and encouragement from WTA staff, he earned his JR. Black Belt and is a member of the competition team. WTA offers an outstanding after school program and summer camp. It is fantastic to know my son will have his homework done before I arrive to pick him up. If he needs homework help, there is always someone available to help him. The cost savings are enormous when compared to other after school care programs. The summer camp is like a typical summer camp...but incredible. Again, there is an enormous cost savings. My son counts down the days till the next camp starts. He cannot wait for camp to start again. The activities, field trips and classes have exceeded all my expectations. He loves the camp so much, he even proposed to the director to be his full time teacher during the school year so summer camp can never end. My son comes home always happy and enthusiastic...could ask for a happier child. I have also improved my health with the fitness classes offered at WTA. I have lost weight, gained energy and have a closer relationship with my child and this is all thanks to WTA. I could never consider another martial arts facility. I have only had positive and exceptional experiences with WTA. As a transplant family, WTA has become our extended family and given us a community. WTA is an outstanding organization. I am delighted I found them years ago.
– Shannon Wagner
My three kids, my wife and I all take classes at WTA in Maple Grove. There is not a better staff to work with kids, adults or families. The coaches are all top level, high standards and work to build relationships and meet your goals for why you attend. Grand Master Lee and his wife run a great program not only for Taekwondo but an after school program for kids as well that is exceptional. They build a strong family environment that creates a great environment for all.
– David Pettingell
I've been doing TaeKwonDo for four and a half years at World TaeKwonDo Academy. When I started at WTA I was a shy and quiet person. The great instructors helped me build confidence and taught me some great life lessons. Now, a first degree blackbelt, I am very grateful for WTA, and will never forget it!
– Lily Hoffman
WTA is an amazing school that both my daughter and I as a parent feel lucky to have discovered a few year's back when we first moved to Minnesota. GM Lee and his instructors / staff provide an exceptional experience for the students each and every day. It's more than just a school.. it's become like a second home.
– Gerry Fokas

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