Taekwondo Summer Camp -
Available at Albertville/St. Michael and Osseo/Champlin/Brooklyn Park Locations

Looking for a fun, safe summer activity for your kids? Here it is! Our summer camps are a great way for kids to have structure, meet new friends, and get out of the house during the long summer months. Great alternative to summer daycare!

Every summer World Taekwondo Academy holds an all day summer camp for kids in the community. The camp is run by our instructors and assistants. Throughout the day the kids will take part in exercise, Taekwondo, writing, swimming, art projects and much more. Every week there is a theme and a planned field trip in additional to the daily trips to the local parks in our school vans and buses!

Don't let another summer go by with your child sitting on the couch playing video games.

Quick Facts:

  • Taekwondo class
  • Outside Activities (parks, nature walks, swimming, games, etc.)
  • Indoor Activities (arts and crafts, games, exercise, etc.)
  • Weekly Field Trips
  • Weekly themed activities
  • Supervised safety and structure

To learn more about this program or to see it in action call one of our locations or fill out the form below to schedule a tour!

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