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Discover the exceptional facilities at Andover/Coon Rapids Dojang—a welcoming space designed for martial arts enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art facility features two octagon rings, high-end scoring systems, a comfortable break room, video cameras for added security, and a spacious viewing area. With 3000 sq. ft. of room, we're proud to be one of the larger schools in Minnesota, offering quality equipment for your training needs. Join our community, where your family can learn and flourish, guided by our dedicated staff. At Andover/Coon Rapids Dojang, it's not just a training space; it's a place to nurture your martial arts journey with care.

Master Alasan Ann

Step into the world of Taekwondo excellence guided by Master Alasan, the most decorated male athlete in Minnesota and an unparalleled icon in the sport. Envision a transformative journey where each kick, each lesson becomes a stepping stone toward unlocking your full potential. Master Alasan, a 5-time National Champion and 3-time U.S Open Champion, stands proudly among the top 20 heavyweights globally, but his focus extends beyond the medals. In his 17 years of dedicated training, he has cultivated an environment where structured discipline seamlessly intertwines with an atmosphere of joy and collaboration.Training with Master Alasan's isn't just a training ground; it's a transformative experience that molds champions and fosters personal growth. Join a legacy where learning from the best isn't just a choice but a commitment to a journey that propels you towards unprecedented success, not just in Taekwondo, but in life. Here is where champions are made, and individuals flourish. Your path to growth and greatness starts right here.

Master Ava Lee

Embark on a family-friendly journey with Master Ava Lee, who began her Taekwondo training at the age of 2. As one of the most decorated female Taekwondo athletes globally, she holds the distinction of being the only Minnesotan to clinch a World Championship Title and the first to secure victory at the Pan Am Championships for three consecutive years. Master Ava has earned accolades through numerous National Championships and international medals, demonstrating her commitment to excellence as she strives towards Olympic Games participation. Beyond her remarkable achievements, her boundless energy and warm smile make her unparalleled, especially in her exceptional work with children. Join us for an enriching experience led by Master Ava Lee, where professionalism, skill, and family values come together seamlessly.

Master Hoth

Born on April 15, Master Hoth, a 6th Degree Black Belt, began training in 1984 under Grandmaster Byung Kon Cho. After moving to Minnesota in 1995, he continued training with Grandmaster Lee. With a BS in Education, an MA in School Policy and Administration, and education from Harvard, Master Hoth is not only a national Poomsae silver medalist and state champion but also a multi-time Instructor of the Year. Drawing from two decades as a school teacher and administrator, Master Hoth, now heading a private consulting company, imparts invaluable lessons beyond martial arts. His teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing success, emphasizing qualities like discipline, resilience, and focus. With diverse interests in family, travel, disc golf, and writing, Master Hoth instills a well-rounded approach to achieving personal and academic triumphs

Master Clark

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Master Clark's purposeful journey to excellence took him to the doorsteps of Grandmaster Lee. His decision to learn from the best wasn't just about perfecting martial arts techniques; it was a quest for a mentor who could guide him towards creating champions in life. Master Clark's remarkable achievements as a 2-time All American and 4-time National Champion stand as a testament to his dedication and drive. Master Clark is poised to share more than just physical skills. In his classes, Master Clark doesn't just teach martial arts; he imparts the principles of resilience, discipline, and success that extend far beyond the dojang. Join Master Clark's class, where every lesson is a step towards not just becoming skilled martial artists but true champions in all aspects of life.


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