21135 S. Diamond Lk Rd | Rogers

We are so excited to announce our New Location coming March 2020! This Dojang will be special because it’s our first location where we will be having our new Leadership Academy. Leadership Academy is where we take one of our Jr. Leaders and teach them on how to run a business. Part of the proceeds will go towards their college scholarship where we cover their college tuition! Pretty excited about this next chapter for our organization. 

Master Anthony Wronski



  • Over 16 years of martial arts training
  • Certified 4th Degree Black Belt
  • 8 years instructing Taekwondo
  • 2015 Taekwondo instructor of the year
  • 2016 Taekwondo instructor of the year
  • Former co-head Taekwondo instructor at SMSU Martial Arts Club


  • BS, Finance, Minnesota State University, Mankato


  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Martial arts training
  • Watching sports
  • Movies

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